Vol 2, No 2, 2010


The Unknown Cinema of the War and Victory

Grashchenkova I.N., Grashchenkova I.N.


The article is devoted to the history of making Russian films during the tough war years. Many films shot by famous directors have been released and justly appreciated. But there is also an unknown wartime cinema. These fiction films, feature-length and short, stored in film archives, are of great interest to both cinema scholars and wide audience.
Vestnik VGIK I Journal of Film Arts and Film Studies. 2010;2(2):6-20
pages 6-20 views

Second World War Film Chronicle

Prozhiko G.S., Prozhiko G.S.


The article is a fragment of the book «The Screen of World Documentary», prepared for publication, and deals with the organization of propaganda and the artistic problems of newsreel and documentary film during World War II in the USA, Great Britain and Germany.
Vestnik VGIK I Journal of Film Arts and Film Studies. 2010;2(2):21-36
pages 21-36 views

In Anticipation of Esthetic Revolution: Western Fiction and Documentary Film of 1940-1945

Utilov V.A., Utilov V.


The article reveals the processes in Western cinema during World War II and tells about the creation of educational and propaganda films which were made by famous directors for quite pragmatic purposes but in the end led to the appearance of new forms and new esthetics.
Vestnik VGIK I Journal of Film Arts and Film Studies. 2010;2(2):37-53
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NemenskiyBoris Mikhaylovich

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Vestnik VGIK I Journal of Film Arts and Film Studies. 2010;2(2):54-55
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"War and Peace" and the 20th Century. The Russian Classic Novel's Screen Fate

Il'chenko S.N., Ilchenko S.N.


The article deals with the history Leo Tolstoy's epic's screen adaptations in the context of the 20th century cultural tendencies. Special emphasis is laid on the esthetic potential of television in terms of showing all the plot lines and the philosophy of the novel «War and Piece».
Vestnik VGIK I Journal of Film Arts and Film Studies. 2010;2(2):60-68
pages 60-68 views

"I-Film" or "Insight-Film" as a Specific Type of Postmodern Journey. Language Strategy

Klyueva L.B., Kluyeva L.B.


The article investigates the specific film structure characteristic of postmodern stylistics: the structure of «I-film» or «insight-film» in terms of using meditative techniques as structure-making and meaning-making factors.
Vestnik VGIK I Journal of Film Arts and Film Studies. 2010;2(2):69-87
pages 69-87 views


Some Aspects of Film Color Semantics and Cultural Tradition

Klopotovskaya E.A., Klopotovskaya Y.A.


The article is devoted to an important topic: the semantics of color in films and its reflection in the costume. It also touches upon the problem of visual perception and forming different color systems. The problem of color is essential for contemporary Russian cinema. Digital technologies open widest opportunities in the field of film production, but the available rich color palette is used very poorly. It is worth reminding that color is one of the film's main expressive means and should be treated with proper attention.
Vestnik VGIK I Journal of Film Arts and Film Studies. 2010;2(2):88-97
pages 88-97 views


Theory of Marginality and the Cinemaof Postmodernism (P.P. Pasolini,R. Khamdamov, J. Stelling, L. von Trier)

Koblenkova D.V., Koblenkova D.V.


The paper analyses four «auteur» films: «Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom» (P.P. Pasolini), «Anna Karamazoff» (R. Khamdamov), «De Wisselwachter» (J. Stelling), «Breaking the Waves» (L. von Tier) in the context of the postmodern theory of marginality.
Vestnik VGIK I Journal of Film Arts and Film Studies. 2010;2(2):98-121
pages 98-121 views


Dada on Screen. "The Bride Stripped Bare By Her Bachelors, Even" by M. Duchamp in R. Clair's "Entr'acte"

Vinogradov V.V., Vinogradov V.V.


The article is devoted to the earliest works of French Avant-guard second wave. The main attention is focused on R. Clair's «Entr'acte», the famous Dada film which is analysed in the context of Dada artistic practice. The key inspiration of the film's whole image systen was «The Bride Stripped Bare By Her Bachelors, Even», a famous installation by M. Duchamp
Vestnik VGIK I Journal of Film Arts and Film Studies. 2010;2(2):122-1147
pages 122-1147 views


Screen reality in the context media milieu modernization

Urazova S.L., Urazova S.L.


The processes of modernization triggered by the digital revolution in media sphere are affecting social consciousness and sociocultural milieu in general, where a new screen «reality» is now evolving and starting to dominate the perception of the surrounding world. The article analyses how quickly the transforming technological broadcasting platform, digital technologies, telecommunication and mobile communication change not only the society's consuming preferences, but mass behavior and mass mentality as well
Vestnik VGIK I Journal of Film Arts and Film Studies. 2010;2(2):180-191
pages 180-191 views


Russian Cinema for Children and Adolescents. Unsolved Problems

Sidorenko V.I., Sidornko V.I.


The article covers the problems of Russian children's cinema which being "overboard" the existing chain of market relations for a variety of reasons is the most unprofitable and unattractive business.
Vestnik VGIK I Journal of Film Arts and Film Studies. 2010;2(2):148-156
pages 148-156 views

Forecasting the Project's Commercial Efficiency at the Early Stages of Film Production

Sarymsakov S.K., Sarymsakov S.K.


The article investigates the unprofitability of Russian feature films and the ways of improving their consumer attractiveness by implementing effective instruments of managing the business process at the early stages of film production. The author offers the methods of predictive estimate of the project's commercial efficiency and the procedure of making a rational management decision on the expediency of its realization within the set-up parameters of resources provisions.
Vestnik VGIK I Journal of Film Arts and Film Studies. 2010;2(2):157-179
pages 157-179 views


Digital Technologies and Virtual Worlds: Is Mankind on the Threshold of New Art?

Yaremenko E.G., Yaremenko Y.G.


The digital special effects industry is constantly in development and in search of new expressive means. The more and more popular 3D computer graphics can mold characters and objects similar to puppet animation but more detailed and convincing. Computer software makes it possible to fix human movements and create virtual characters. By means of the motion capture technology reflecting the subtlest shades of human plastique the computer catches the movements of the sensors fixed to the actor's face and body, analyzes the data and applies it the 3D model. As a result, screen characters behave like live people. As far as the audience is concerned, there is practically no difference between the reality recorded on film, video or photo, and that created by the artist's imagination with the help of the computer on the modern screen
Vestnik VGIK I Journal of Film Arts and Film Studies. 2010;2(2):192-203
pages 192-203 views


Gogol: Interpretational Paradoxes

Rostotskaya M.A., Rostotskaya M.A.


«Gogol: Interpretational Paradoxes» was the theme of the session of the debating society "The Paradoxes of Modern Artistic Culture» that took place in November 2009. It was devoted to the great writer's 200th anniversary. The mystery of Gogol's writings, of his life and death, new analysis of his books and fate constituted the subject-matter of the discussion. The participants were presented with two new artistic interpretations: the film «Gogol: a Portrait of the Mysterious Genius» made by D. Dyomin, asst. professor of the Chair of Film Directing, and an account of the Rome exhibition of Professor S.A. Alimov, an academician of the Russian Academy of Arts. What is artistic thought? How the writer's work correlates with his biography, i.e. everyday life? These two problems were the center of the discussion.
Vestnik VGIK I Journal of Film Arts and Film Studies. 2010;2(2):204-228
pages 204-228 views

Some Aspects of Mythological Reality

Chizhevskaya O.A., Chizhevskaya O.A.


The article is based on the material of the «Artistic Culture Paradoxes» debating society session on «Cinema between Mythology and Reality», held on April 27th, 2010 at VGIK. It covers some issues connected with myth making and interpretation and investigates the properties and forms of the mythological space
Vestnik VGIK I Journal of Film Arts and Film Studies. 2010;2(2):229-243
pages 229-243 views


Traditions and Innovations in Film Education

Novikov A.V., Novikov A.V.


The issues of training new creative staff for film industry and audiovisual sphere are of vital importance today. The appearance of digital technologies caused great changes and it could not but have its effect on film education as the «first step of film industry». This problem was the subject-matter of the international conference "Film Education: Tradition and Innovations» held at VGIK on the occasion of the university's 90th anniversary. The report analyses the modern innovative processes affecting the film schools teaching practice at the beginning of the 21st century
Vestnik VGIK I Journal of Film Arts and Film Studies. 2010;2(2):244-253
pages 244-253 views


Artist and Repression: Reflections

Perel'shteyn R.M., Perelshtein R.M.


Following the decision of the Learned Council and the Plan of Academic Development the Student Academic Society (SAS) was organized whose first action was to create the Student Debating Club which plans to make regular screenings of Russian and foreign films with their subsequent discussion. The Student Debating Club is going to analyze the essential artistic and cultural problems. And because on of the most important directions of the SAS is students' research work, active cooperation with student societies of other universities is intended which presupposes invitations to the screenings and discussions and realization of mutual creative projects. At present the plan for the next year is being worked out
Vestnik VGIK I Journal of Film Arts and Film Studies. 2010;2(2):254-259
pages 254-259 views


DiaMatrix. Eclectic Glance on the Historiosophy of the Soviet Cinema of the 1930-1940s

Apostolov A.I., Apostolov A.I.


Cinema transforms from the portrait of the Stalinist epoch into its mirror reflecting everything in reverse. Even the most ideologically censored film gives the idea of the historic period none the less vivid than newsreel.
Vestnik VGIK I Journal of Film Arts and Film Studies. 2010;2(2):260-273
pages 260-273 views


A Long Story about a Big Set for a Short Episode

Tolkachev A.N., Tolkachov A.N.


The article is a recollection of a kind, one of the one or two dozen «Letters to the Students» written in the hope that the fragments of the 40-year experience will help a curious student realize the future difficulties and the versatility of the problems which a set designer has to solve almost every day.
Vestnik VGIK I Journal of Film Arts and Film Studies. 2010;2(2):274-293
pages 274-293 views



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Фонд учебной библиотеки постоянно пополняется. Наибольшим спросом пользуются книги, способствующие интенсивному образовательному процессу. В 2009 году университетом были выпущены издания, посвященные как 90-летней истории ВГИК, так и различным аспектам совершенствования профессионального мастерства в различных сферах кинопроизводства.
Vestnik VGIK I Journal of Film Arts and Film Studies. 2010;2(2):294-295
pages 294-295 views


Rekomendatsii avtoram.Usloviya publikatsii statey v nauchnomperiodicheskom zhurnale «Vestnik VGIK»

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Vestnik VGIK I Journal of Film Arts and Film Studies. 2010;2(2):302-304
pages 302-304 views

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