Cinema Policy of Simple Solutions

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The complexity of the tasks, facing Russian cinematography, is incomparable with the possibilities of their overcoming in the paradigm of simple solutions, adherence to which the state cinema policy demonstrates. The article, prepared at the State Institute of Art Studies, suggests that effective cinema policy is impossible without a careful consideration of specificity, regularity and trends of the cinema process, hiding under its surface and therefore out of reach of traditional statistical accounting, applied research, general educational level of its authors and their everyday awareness (common sense, intuition, practical experience). Conclusion: the worthy future of Russian cinematography is impossible without combination of the three structures - state governance, science and cinema practice.

Zhabsky Mikhail Ivanovich

PhD in Sociology, Professor, head of Cinema So ciology Department, Institute of Film Art (VGIK), leading researcher (State Institute of Art Studies).

VGIK; State Institute of Art Studies

Author for correspondence.


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Copyright (c) 2014 Zhabsky M.I.

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