State Guardianship of Cinema: The Issue of Goal-Setting

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The article examines the goals of state guardianship of Russian cinema taking into account the interaction among the state’s objective interests and cinematic openness of the country, the globalization of filmmaking process and segmentation of audience by the 'consumer loyalty' criterion. The targets, classified as optimal, are considered in their correlation with the state’s cinema legislation currently in force. The concepts of competitiveness and social significance of national cinema are interpreted generally and properly.

Zhabsky Mikhail Ivanovich

hD in Sociology, Professor, Head of the Cinema Sociology Department, Institute of Film Art (VGIK), leading researcher (State Institute of Art Studies).

Institute of Film Art (VGIK); State Institute of Art Studies

Author for correspondence.


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Copyright (c) 2014 Zhabsky M.I.

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